Molly Baldwin

Structure Animations 3D Animated singular shots of abstract visuals, derived from my Graduate Film STRUCTURE. Each added to the experimental feel of the film, and created unique pieces that explore the digital replication of organic structures.

Facade Animations 3D Generated Animations that explore Facade designs in Motion. The designs are developed in Maya and Houdini to create abstract outcomes.

Distorted Structures 3D building panels extruded from textures in Maya that gravitate towards an abstract structure built in Houdini. It explores the growth and development of man-made structures in natural landscapes.


Graduate Animation Film. STRUCTURE is an abstract Animated film, exploring the innate relationship we have with nature. Focusing on the patterns and structures found in the environment, and how we as a species have consciously and sub-consciously assimilated this into our existence.The Film is separated… Read More »Structure

Concrete Spaces

A personal project exploring Brutalist inspired Architecture in a 3D generated space. Each structure is built within Maya and houses a glowing sphere to add a interesting focal point.

Abstract Series

3D structures made with Maya and Houdini, creating abstract visuals exploring shapes and their presence within a generated space.

Noise Creative Animation I was given the opportunity to work with the Marketing Agency Noise Creative. I made a few animations in Adobe After Effects to help promote the company when they first established back in June 2018, along with additional visual pieces later on that promoted… Read More »Noise Creative Animation

Reaction Diffusion 3D experiment looking at the Grey Scott Reaction Diffusion Pattern, following a tutorial in Houdini. Each piece has been brought into Maya to create this crisp, white liquid effect that looks like patterns emerging from paint.

Visual Art

Animations created with Cinematography and still Imagery to produce abstract and interesting visuals. The first video is based on projection animations on natural forms such as flowers to create interesting patterns. The second video is of natural and man-made round patterns animated through collecting images… Read More »Visual Art