Ouseburne Urban

I shot this 35mm film photo down in Ouseburne, Newcastle. I wanted to capture an urban, gritty element of the city in a simplistic yet eye-catching way. Taken with a Pentax K1000 in October 2017.

Combining Grey and Pink in Ouseburne

35mm film photo taken on my Pentax K1000 of a wall in Ouseburne, Newcastle. I came across this wall on a walk, liking how the vibrant tones worked well together. The complimentary colours are captured in a simplistic way that has a texured, urban appeal.

New York Trip Photo

Photo of a street in New York capturing steam flowing up from the streets vents. Taken in February 2017.

New York trip Photo

Photograph capturing the iconic traffic lights in the city of New York. February 2017

New York trip Photo

Photo of a viewfinder at the top of the Empire State Building overlooking the city. February 2017