Bridges of Ouseburne

Shot of bridges in Ouseburne, Newcastle taken on 35mm film. The image captures the different industrial engineering the city provides in a gritty, urban manner. The tones really adding to the image in casting interesting shadows, and pointing the viewer to the centre of the… Read More »Bridges of Ouseburne

Ouseburne Urban

I shot this 35mm film photo down in Ouseburne, Newcastle. I wanted to capture an urban, gritty element of the city in a simplistic yet eye-catching way. Taken with a Pentax K1000 in October 2017.

Combining Grey and Pink in Ouseburne

35mm film photo taken on my Pentax K1000 of a wall in Ouseburne, Newcastle. I came across this wall on a walk, liking how the vibrant tones worked well together. The complimentary colours are captured in a simplistic way that has a texured, urban appeal.