Bridges of Ouseburne

Shot of bridges in Ouseburne, Newcastle taken on 35mm film. The image captures the different industrial engineering the city provides in a gritty, urban manner. The tones really adding to the image in casting interesting shadows, and pointing the viewer to the centre of the… Read More »Bridges of Ouseburne

Combining Grey and Pink in Ouseburne

35mm film photo taken on my Pentax K1000 of a wall in Ouseburne, Newcastle. I came across this wall on a walk, liking how the vibrant tones worked well together. The complimentary colours are captured in a simplistic way that has a texured, urban appeal.

Black and white photo of sheep in Field

Black and white image of sheep in field, using 35mm film. The foliage allows the chance to create internal framing within the photo, that focuses the viewers eye to the two sheep in the shot. Taken with a Pentax K1000.