Molly Baldwin

Digital Portrait of a Woman

This is a quick digital portrait I did in Photoshop, using an online reference for the model and painting it in my own style.

Digital drawing of a Girl

This was my first proper attempt at digitally drawing a portrait using a drawing tablet and Photoshop. I found a reference online to which I added my own style to, in regards of paint strokes and paint splatters.

Digital Drawing of a Dog

Using Photoshop and a drawing tablet, I thought I would try out digital drawing. I found a reference image of a dog online and created this portrait.

Quick Sketch of Female

Using a 2.0 HB mechanical pencil I drew this simple portrait of a female. Recently I have gotten into adding a crosshatch effect to my work, keeping this sketchy stylised look. 

Portrait Sketch of a Guy

Quick portrait sketch done in my sketchbook of a reference I found online. I used a 2.0 mechanical pencil.

Portrait Sketch of a Guy

Simple portrait sketch that I drew in my spare time from an online reference. I used a 0.2 HB mechanical pencil. 

Bridges of Ouseburne

Shot of bridges in Ouseburne, Newcastle taken on 35mm film. The image captures the different industrial engineering the city provides in a gritty, urban manner. The tones really adding to the image in casting interesting shadows, and pointing the viewer to the centre of the… Read More »Bridges of Ouseburne